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Jacaranda Health and Harmony

Let's work together to improve your wellbeing


Wellness is the best gift you can give yourself.

 Congratulations on deciding to enhance your health and wellbeing. Perhaps you have not been feeling 100% and you may be feeling that you don't have enough energy to do all the things you want to do. OR you may be feeling that something is missing, is there something more to life than the usual Monday to Friday grind and the weekend chores.

Here at Jacaranda Health And Harmony, we believe that wellbeing encompasses not only physical health but mental, emotional and spiritual too. It is vital that we have all aspects of our life in balance for us to be WELL BEings.

Our Wellness program is a combination of

  • Naturopathy,(including nutrition, suppliments, diet,and uses screening tools Iridology, Kinesiology as part of your assessment.)
  • Therapeutic/Remedial Massage (to help relax and rejuvenate the body- I include Kinesiolgy here also to release tight, restricted muscles)
  • Ear Candling NOW AVAIL gentle relaxing process to help alleviate a number of ear issues
  • Vibrational Remedies (Flower essence, Reiki, Harmonics) to balance energy meridians.

  • AND we take the time to listen to You- (I believe that every person has the innate ability to heal themselves and others- So, with the help of Kinesiology we can access the internal wisdom of the body to identify what is or is not needed to bring you into balance.)

  • Meditation: As part of the "whole" we also bring your attention to meditation as an important aspect of Wellbeing. When you meditate daily you are honouring the divine being that you are. You have the opportunity for focus, intention and relaxation. We have weekly meditation meetings and easy to learn classes are available.

If this sounds interesting to you and Wellness is your priority then contact us now and...

"Let's work together to improve your wellbeing."

 Your Practitioner is trained to utilise screening tools to help recognise how different signs and symptoms may relate to your health status. Your Practitioner will work with you to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your health. You will feel the difference

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*If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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