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How do you know if you need fish oils? If you suffer from painful or inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, havecardiovascular disease, dry skin or perhaps you find thatyour brain is less sharp - these may be signs that you have anincreased requirement for fish oils. However, the truth is, thatalmost everyone can benefit from taking fish oils on a regularbasis. Fish oil is a source of omega-3 essential fatty acids.These good fats are vital for the human body to function well.Each and every cell in the body needs these healthy fats tofunction at its best.

Fish Oil for LifeFish oil is important for us at all different stages of life - duringchildhood, adulthood and even into old age. Fish oils rich inessential fatty acids are important to enhance general health,as well as supporting cardiovascular and metabolic health,promoting healthy brain development and cognition, reducinginflammation and supporting healthy mood. Just like the carswe drive, our body also needs to be a well-oiled machine forit to function optimally.

Fish for ThoughtA high quality fish oil supplement is the ideal source ofomega-3 essential fatty acids. However, not all fish oils willprovide the same benefits. The active constituents in fish oil,known as EPA and DHA, are used in varying therapeuticamounts for different health concerns. Your Practitioner has arange of fish oils with varying concentrations of EPA and DHAto help with particular health conditions. For example, a fishoil containing 1 g of DHA with 209 mg EPA is the ideal ratioto support normal healthy brain development and function;whereas fish oil with 1.9 g of EPA and 930 mg of DHA mayassist in relieving the pain and inflammation of arthritis andhelp maintain cardiovascular health.

Kids Need Fish TooKids can be fussy when it comes to eating fish, but why deprivethem of the benefits of a good quality fish oil that helps tosupport brain development, cognition and learning? Research has shown that 1 g of DHA per day can be a great investmentin your child’s education, behaviour and general health. Giveyour children the best start in life with the benefits of fish oil.

Ask us today what fish oil can best help to support your health.

Purity Is ParamountWhen taking a fish oil, it is important to ascertain whetherit is of a high quality and purity for optimal health benefits.Large fish can contain environmental pollutants, such asheavy metals and pesticides, which may accumulate in thebody from repeated ingestion and may contribute to healthcomplaints. The fish oils prescribed by your Practitionerminimise contamination by using only small pelagic fish.Being small in size, these fish do not accumulate the samelevels of environmental toxins that the much larger fish tend tostore over their lifespan.Practitioner recommended fish oils undergo a processcalled molecular distillation to remove impurities, pesticidesand insecticides so that the purity of the fish oils exceed theAustralian standards. This ensures you are provided with ahigh quality and pure fish oil that will contribute to your healthand wellness

.Quality Is Never an AccidentLike all other oils, fish oils can become oxidised or rancidwhen exposed to heat, air or light. Oxidised fish oils notonly taste and smell bad, but also have limited healthbenefits and in some cases, can even be harmful. Fishoils recommended by your Practitioner are manufacturedusing nitrogen flushing to produce formulas that are freshand protected from oxidation. Ansidine and peroxide areindicators of the level of oxidation of the fish oil, or howfresh it is. Ensure the fish oil you are taking is fresh and pureby choosing a fish oil of the highest quality with the lowestansidine and peroxide values.Sustainable SourcingSustainable fishing is an important aspect to consider in ourmodern world. The fish oils your Practitioner recommends arecertified by Friends of the Sea, an independent organisationthat tests and certifies products made with ingredientssourced using sustainable fishing practices that minimiseenvironmental impact. These fish oils also use small fish,primarily anchovies and sardines which are sourced fromoceans near South America and Africa using eco fishing andsustainable practices. This means you can receive not only apurer fish oil, but also protect our planet.

Become Friends with Fish OilThere are many benefits that a high quality and highlyconcentrated fish oil supplement can bring to the health andwellness of you and your family. Concentrated fish oil formulascan be easier to take, more affordable and provide greattherapeutic effects. Each fish oil product your Practitionerprescribes is high strength and contains the correct dose ofomega-3 needed to provide you with the most therapeutic resultpossible and value for money. Your healthcare Practitionercan recommend the most appropriate supplement for you, toensure you are provided with a high quality, therapeutic andpure fish oil to suit your individual needs.

Come and talk to us today about how you can get the most from your fish oils